I wrote this post on July 17 on my phone while taking a very long walk, and then I sat on it for almost two months hoping I’d change my mind. 

I am going away for a while. I just don’t enjoy writing reviews like I used to. I’ve known this for a while when writing those of Game of Thrones reviews. Even when I was blown away by the finale I didn’t have much to say…so I didn’t.

I watched Finding Dory, and found it deeply troubling to have such a poignant portrayal of a child with a disability (short term memory loss) and then make a seal with a unibrow a butt of a joke. A rather terrible joke and plot point that involves luring him in close to steal his bucket for another character, who others treat poorly because she is also different.

There was a time when writing was such a clarifying process. I knew if I liked a movie or not after seeing it, but it was only after the hour, sometimes hours, long process of dissecting it that I could begin to understand why. And I’m not saying that there isn’t anything left to write about, but it had stopped being a helpful medium for me as a creative individual.

I remember telling an English graduate student in my poetry class that I didn’t like poetry, and she (a poet herself) told me that I needed to encounter poetry at the right time. I believed her because there have been books that I’ve reread and have shaken me to my core. And sadly, there are also books that no longer ring as brightly as they once did. I am still awaiting my poetry awakening, but I think the time of TV and film has passed.

I started the blog shortly after moving to Taiwan and meeting a group of very opinionated people who loved film, books, and TV. Their views inevitably influenced and colored my writing in that first year. After sitting gathered around the TV, I’d retreat to my room and write. And for perhaps a year after I moved, I was able to hold onto that communal place of the TV and the torn up couch, the chocolate bar chair, and the clamshell. And now the memory is all worn out like a VHS tape. I’m also pretty sure that it’s not healthy to write to a memory. When people in books and movies pursue the past, it ends with someone getting shot.

I am grateful for the readers over the years, the emails, the comments. Perhaps I will come back soon in some new form or other, but for now, good bye.

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