I’m not a designer or engineer in any sense of the word, but I have been a reluctant child of the Internet for as long as I can remember. I’m an avid consumer of Podcasts and Youtube videos, and I have a special fondness of food blogs. Here are a few of my favorite online resources:


Photoshop Tutorials: A long weekend and Martin Perhiniak will take you from zero to hero. Each tutorial is between five and ten minutes long.
Creattica: I love their icon sets!
Tracy Elliot: She’s the web designer who helps me with all my WordPress woes.
WordPress Codex: Made by WordPress, here is a well-organized and frequently updated online manual with plenty of troubleshooting tips.


NetGalley: If you have an e-reader, this is another great way to get ARCs. It may take a while for you to build up enough credit to be approved for all the books, you want. When you first start out, be sure you subscribe to their newsletter where you can get automatic access to books in your favorite genres.
Feedly: A great RSS reader.


Focus Writer: Zenware and a minimalist interface. It does have a few flaws (e.g. the daily word count does not automatically reset) but I love being able to tab back and forth between several windows.
Evernote: I’ve been using The Secret Weapon to keep organized, but I also use it for story notes and my grocery lists.
Bullet Journal: Developed by Ryder Carroll, this also looks like a fantastic way to organize tasks.
Coffitivity: Bringing the coffee shop atmosphere straight into your home.
MyNoise: Listen to a selection of soothing nature sounds or mix up your own.

Please let me know what resources you use in the comments below.

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