Profiting Off the End of the World: The Big Short


I didn’t like this movie.

But first, here’s some context. Today, I went to the dentist and my reward (here’s a Freaknomics episode on reward bundling) was that I got to go watch a movie and spend the day at the mall. I like my dentist, but I hate going to see her. Even though my rational brain understands the value of regular visits, my kid brain is confounded that I must sit in a torture chair on a Saturday and then part with money. Also, if I’m particularly feeling sorry for myself, I feel that it’s bad for my soul as well.… Read more »

25 Minutes of Middlemarch: The Bigness of Small Things


Apologies for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been busy with a forecast of only getting busier, but I still like writing and would like to continue doing so. I’m starting a new post type centered around the idea of 25 minutes. It can take a few hours for me to write a blog post and I can discard up to half of the original drafts.

But now, I’m going to dedicate 25 minutes to George Eliot’s Middlemarch and the bigness of small things. I tend to gravitate to media with at least country-wide stakes, if not the whole world, the known universe, etc.… Read more »

What do Fargo’s Episode Titles Mean? (Season Two)


I’ve received quite a few comments requesting a season 2 update. There is already a short and dirty description on Reddit, but I’ve written my own longer version down below. While Season one’s title meanings revolved around riddles, season two is drawn from Modernist literature and art. I just realized that Season 2 is available on Amazon so I’ll be periodically updating the descriptions below as I belatedly work my way through the series.

Fargo: Season 1 is now available on Amazon. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should!

Episode List

Season Two
Episode 1: Waiting for Dutch
Episode 2: Before the Law
Episode 3: The Myth of Sisyphus

First Impressions of Jessica Jones

I wrote my first impressions of the first two episodes of Jessica Jones on December 13th, but never got around to publishing them. Part of my hesitation was writing about mental illness, which is a very serious condition and I didn’t want to dilute it with my two cents and well, I didn’t have that much to say about the show.
In recent years, mental illness has been addressed much more openly by people in positions of power. John Green, Cara Delevingne, Ayelet Waldman. It’s even become the topic of a New York Times best sellers.… Read more »

Why Rey Shouldn’t Be [SPOILER]


This contains spoilers.

Office poll is complete. Everyone thinks Rey may be Luke’s long lost daughter, but I really really hope she’s not.

But before we delve too into this. It shouldn’t matter who Rey’s parents are? I know it is specifically set up as a mystery, which warrants a lot of interest. But on another level, does a powerful woman need to have a powerful man standing behind her? 

Part of me is annoyed that it’s come up so much. It was what the women beside me were talking about as soon as the movie finished. It was one of the first topics of conversation in the office.… Read more »

The Force Awakens Review


A word on Spoilers. Rather than write two separate reviews, the top portion of the review is spoiler-free and the bottom has spoilers and demarcated with a giant SPOILERS line.

I would characterize myself as a medium-light fan of Star Wars. I am hopelessly nerdy to my hip sister, but I’m a dilettante to others. It’s hard to talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, without first telling you about where I come from as a Star Wars fan. I watched the original trilogy on VHS before the Phantom Menace came out in 1999, but the new trilogy was a formative part of my adolescence.… Read more »

Lost and Found in Furiously Happy

furiously happy

Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy dances upon broad generalizations. When I first picked it up, I was like, “Ah! Another shitty day book!” It is like retreating into a pillow fort with your zany friend where she will regale you with hair-raising tales that will make you blush and giggle.

But then there another parts that are scary or sad and there was one section that started with blood and I had to skip it. When I read about blood, I feel like my blood is coagulating in my veins and it is unpleasant.

Then I turned the page and spit all over it, because I was trying to hold in a laugh.… Read more »

Friday Favorites (12/4/15)


First a bit of housekeeping. I got an email a few weeks ago asking if I was going to review the Fargo TV series, and I didn’t respond because I didn’t really know. Fargo is definitely on the list of shows to watch, but that list seems to grow by the week. The short answer is not in the near future.

But onto things I like. There are quite a few of embedded links so please be patient. It might take a while to load. 

1. Flula’s Mastercard Commercial

Since Youtube Red launched, I’ve been waiting for the inevitable tide of youtube ads.… Read more »

Master of None: Irrationally Hating Things


I’m kind of jealous that my sister hated Master of None, and all I felt was a load of meh.

 It’s about an Indian American man child, his diverse group of friends, and his struggles with the peculiar sneaky version of racism and misogyny that white/male/cis friends think you’re imagining things. Also, he’s an actor. I could go on, but it’s one of those shows that is more interesting to discuss than to watch.When I watched Aziz Ansari’s acclaimed Netflix show Master of None, I found it intellectually stimulating and mildly funny but it didn’t reflect my cultural experience.

I’ve watched a few episodes (okay, five) and don’t really feel a need to continue.… Read more »

Friday Review


Yesterday, I went to an orientation at a pet shelter. I was going to become a volunteer and walk dogs! And maybe play with cats! And if I was feeling especially goodie two shoes, volunteer to do paperwork and work events.

It started off swimmingly. I got to hold a dog, and he loved me! Somewhere around the forty-five minute mark, I began to feel odd. A tightness in the chest. My ears tickled, my eyes itched. Was I nervous? Did I forget to change my contacts again? Was the pesky tinnitus back? When I felt my throat began to swell, I knew it was an allergic reaction and I got out of there pronto!… Read more »

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