Friday Favorites (6/20-6/25)


Sad news. My plants are not doing so well, but other gardeners I know have pointed out that there is a a learning curve aka a killing curve. My jasmine plant is not doing well at all, its leaves are yellowing, even its new growth. Part of my fear is the limited full sunlight from my north facing balcony and the punishing wind that knocks the plants over. I’ve moved everyone inside until I can get a heavier pot, but the wind might be an issue. Or the coffee grounds I sprinkled over it as fertilizer. D’oh.

But onto Friday Favorites, possibly renamed to be Friday Musings because things I don’t like have a habit of slipping in.

WTF with Marc Maron: Louis CK

I have listened to Marc Maron’s podcast on and off. I tuned into his Robin Williams interview after he passed away last year, but I’m not a consistent listener. I don’t find Maron a particularly likable person; he is often self-centered and arrogant, but I do think his interviews are often wonderfully raw and unexpected.

What I like about his interview with Louis CK was its undercurrent of resentment and bitterness that occasionally rears its ugly head, and yet there are plenty of laughable moments. The conversation covers among other things, the demise of their friendship and the peculiar sort of shyness of their present day (2010) conversation.

“We used to be best friends,” Louis CK says at one point. “I could have used you.”

In other news, he also interviewed the President and this quote just popped up in my RSS feed via Cal Newport. In other words, just keep swimming.

The more you do something, and the more you practice it, at a certain point it becomes second nature. What I’ve always been impressed with about when I listen to comics talk about comedy is how much of it is a craft. Right? They’re thinking it through, and they had a sense of when it works and when it doesn’t. The longer you do it the better your instincts are.

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

25 emotions
This popped up on John Green’s tumblr via Tai-Korczak. All the words are originally from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which is a title of what could be a hundred interesting books veering from historical fiction, non-fiction, genre fiction, etc.

But check out the list. I especially like #17: Adronitis: Frustration with how long it takes to get to know someone.

Mostly Accurate Norse Mythology Map

A Norse God Family Tree

’nuff said.


Just started on Season 3 of Orphan Black with my sister, and boy, is this a fun show to talk over. I also watched Inside Out, and it is the best movie I’ve seen all year! I know True Detective is back, but I also have Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell on my queue, and I am still kind of curious what happens on Penny Dreadful. Damn you beautiful period clothing!

Speaking on period clothing, I love this blog: Angela Clayton’s Costumery and Creations. She is making (made?) a Tudor gown right now and it’s amazing!


Hello Internet and Cortex came out with new podcasts this week. As I decided to do dishes and vacuum while listening to Hello Internet, I’m still not quite sure what it was about. Flags, the controversy over the British family, and then Brady talked for an obscenely long time about watches. There was some GTD followup that I want to re-listen to. On the positive, I’ve started listening to 99% Invisible again, and I really enjoyed episode #166: Viva La Arquitecutra!

On January 3rd, 1961, Che Guevara suggested to Fidel Castro that they go play a round of golf. They drove out to what was then the ritziest, most elite country club in Havana. It was empty—almost all the members had fled during the revolution—and Fidel and Che romped around the bucolic green acres while their official photographer snapped publicity shots.

As they played, they realized that the grounds of the country club were spectacular. They knew they had to do something with the property. There, with golf clubs in hand, they decided they would build an art school.

This is just weird

A young couple buys a dream house and gets horror movie like letters asking for young blood.

Also, this:

Perfect 😛 face #แบร่

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In the Kitchen

Interesting recipes include Vicky Pham-Le’s sea snails in coconut milk, roast beets and farro, and macadamia nut cookies.

I’m also continuing to work on my pizza game. I buy frozen dough, but I can never wait long enough for the two hour rise time. The result is that the dough tears when I try to work with it.

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