Fargo: Linda the Sacrificial Lamb and Cabbage

Fargo TV Series

The title of this week’s Fargo episode comes from a variation of the River Crossing. To read more about this and other Fargo episode titles, please see my blog post “What do Fargo Episode Titles Mean?
How do you get a fox, a rabbit, and a cabbage across a river? Agent Pepper asks.
With a Turducken! Agent Budge replies.

The real answer is that in a pinch foxes will eat cabbages too! Poor Linda (Susan Park), instead of being a Cinderella, you are a cabbage. In the aptly named “The Fox, Rabbit, and Cabbage,” Lester Nygaard sacrifices his new wife Linda –a cabbage in a rabbit skin– to Lorne Malvo’s the fox. Meanwhile, Lester scampers off to live another day. What was going through Lester’s head when he blew Lorne Malvo’s cover as a dentist? We’ll only learn if Molly Solverson and Agents Budge (Jordan Peele) and Pepper (Keegan-Michael Key) catch him, because Malvo doesn’t seem to be in the habit of letting others yammer.
Deputy Solverson, Agent Pepper, and Agent Budge
Although, Lorne Malvo kills four people with gunshots to the head, episode nine serves more as an amuse bouche for the entree, episode ten than a substantial narrative chunk in itself. Finally, the good guys have been assembled and Lorne Malvo has been called back to Bemidiji, Minnesota. The chessboard is being set with lots of clever swapping to make sure no one sees each other too soon

One of my favorite scenes is the diner showdown between Lou Solverson (Keith Carrandine) and Lorne Malvo. With stories and slow smiles, they size each other up, and for once, Malvo slinks out without getting the information he needs. But not before he refers to himself as the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Since we knew his penchant for play since the beginning, it’s surprising that the serpent wasn’t brought up earlier. Unfortunately, he knows about Gus Grimly, though.

Overall, it’s a episode that really sets the stage. There are a handful of zingy exchanges and I sat on the edge of my seat, waiting for Malvo to pop out of the snow with AK-47. It’s a strong episode, but not nearly my favorite. Most of the really flavorful characters Stavros Milos, Gina Hess & Sons, and Bill Oswalt (Bob Odinkirk) are absent or barely there.
cupcake 4

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