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The Last Stand Loses Focus

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Everyone right now is talking about some other female characters in Legend of Korra — I may or may not get into my two cents — but all I want to talk about is Kuvira and how incredibly disappointed I am of Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. In their rush to lay the groundwork for Korrasami, the episodes loses focus. Yay, for LGBT rights and everything, but Korra shouldn’t be defined by her romantic relationships (err entanglements) but by the entirety of her person. And in extension of that, “The Last Stand” should be remembered as the finale of an incredible four season animated show, rather than DiMartino and Koneitzko’s final stand for LGBT rights within the context of Korra.… Read more »

Korra: Day of the Colossus aka Robots Suck

legend of korra book 4

The first part of the two part finale “Day of the Colossus” was frankly disappointing. Apparently when you put a smart evil villain into a mecha suit, she deteriorates into a psycho destroyer of things — smashing apart the City that she initially was able to take without a fight and slapping herself in the face like a Looney Tunes character. If this is the downfall of Kuvira it is a cheap way to go.

Separated from her forces in a tower of platinum and supported by a masked assistant, she has cut herself off from her true power source. And where was the build up to that?… Read more »

Korra’s Gambit Pays Off

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The penultimate episode of Korra, “Kuvira’s Gambit,” knocked my socks off. The last scene was a brilliant show-not-tell moment! I liked the return to the original Avatar’s scrappy roots. Instead of two armies clashing, the scale is shrunk down to a few brave individuals against impossible odds. I found myself leaning closer and closer to the television screen as I learned, Oh no! Kuvira’s army is coming early, President Raiko has surrendered, now it’s up to a handpicked few to save the day! And yet, everyone else isn’t painted like idiots — well, except the soldiers on Baatar Jr’s airship — Prince Wu, Prince Raiko, General Iroh are all given small moments of competency.… Read more »

Korra: Mission Impossible Beifong-Style

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Legend of Korra: Operation Beifong is a nice return to form with an action-packed episode. The only missteps were a few emotional off notes, but those are minor quibbles. Although I watched the episode Saturday, I didn’t have much to comment on it, and upon re-watching it, it’s a consummate performance but it lacks the sparkle of other episodes. The riff between Bolin’s fanboying over Toph, while initially funny comes off as saccharine. Suyin and Kuvira’s fight (perhaps purposefully) was too brief to resolve anything, and we were denied a satisfying Toph-Kuvira showdown. Korra may be taking this passive thing too far, and apparently nobody has noticed that Opal, Lin Bei Fong, Bolin, and Juicy are missing from Republic City.… Read more »

Korra’s Beyond The Wilds is Tame

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Beyond the Wilds, the ninth episode of the fourth season of Legend of Korra, is still a bit of a letdown. How many more episodes do we have to wait before the inevitable Korra-Kuvira/ Kuvira-Toph showdown? Even a surprise appearance from Zaheer can’t revive the episode. Korra seems to make strides to recovering from her PTSD, but she’s had so many near recoveries that we won’t know for sure until another battle.


The episode opens when the spirit vines attack a tour group. Using her vine powers, Korra realizes that Kuvira’s harvest of the spirit vines in the swamp is affecting the vines here.… Read more »

Read This and Skip Korra’s Remembrances

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Korra’s Remembrances is a recap episode and really not worth watching. The first ten minutes is a summary of Mako’s romantic life (spoiler: he’s a terrible, inarticulate boyfriend), the next five minutes is a recap of Korra’s triumphs over her enemies in conversation with Asami and Tenzin, and the final five to seven minutes is a Varrick-style retelling of the past three seasons.

The majority of the episode is reused footage with a few minutes of amusing bobble heads that interrupt the narration, and some metanarrative about the preference of kaboom and kaboeey over plot.

bolin-opalIf you really must watch this episode, I’d only tune in for the first five and last five minutes.… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Kuvira is Awesome

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Yes, she’s crazy, but she’s also awesome. Let’s raise our hands for a round of applause for possibly the most well-adjusted villain to ever grace The Last Airbender (Select episodes are free on Amazon!) and The Legend of Korra. While both shows are chockful of strong female characters, few would be as skilled as Kuvira (voiced by Zelda Williams) to climb the corporate ladder. While Kuvira has gotten more than one comparison to Hitler, she’s also kind of like the best worst version of a CEO.

Apart from the work camps, ethnic cleansing, etc., Kuvira is a charismatic leader who charms the pants off Bolin and presumably Baatar Jr.… Read more »

Korra’s Lackluster Reunion

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Korra’s Reunion marks the first appearance Pabu since Bolin left him behind to follow Kuvira. Episode seven of the Legend of Korra “Reunion” was surprisingly bland, considering the narrative ground it covered. There’s a lot going on, but it’s not particularly interesting. Although, Kuvira does not make an appearance until the very end, her presence is deeply felt in both story lines: Team Avatar reunites in the form of Korra, Asami, Mako, and Prince Wu. Meanwhile, Varrick and Bolin team up with some escaped prisoners.

After her near-death experience last episode, I can cut Korra some slack about catching up with friends instead of battling Kuvira head on.… Read more »

The Battle of Zaofu Misnomer

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I found The Battle of Zaofu a letdown, but I’m hoping that it’s a strategic decision. “The Battle of Zaofu” is episode six, the midpoint of the final 13 episode season. So, far there has been a lot of set up for Korra’s redemption and recovery while waffling at the extent of Kuvira’s evilness. Is she an extremist like Zaheer, or is she far more sinister, a power hungry master of rhetoric? While the episode confirms the sophistication of Zuvira’s schemes (the ceasefire was only arranged to manipulate Suyin into making the first move), it also demonstrates that there are still plenty of roadblocks for Korra.… Read more »

Korra’s Enemy at the Gates Centers on Family Strife

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Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. — Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina

Although you might think that “Enemy at the Gates” is a story of siege and warfare, it’s actually a tale of two families (the Beifongs and the Satos) with healthy dose of generational conflicts. The episode focuses mostly on the city of Zaofu and Kuvira’s forces camped outside, but also gives a few moments on Asami and her father’s relationship. “Enemy at the Gates” is an ambitious episode, but not a great one. It is notable that Korra does not bend in this action-heavy episode and is more of a side character!… Read more »

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