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Mad Men Predictions Revisited, Recap, and Review

mad men season 7

Last year I made some predictions for Season 7 of Mad Men. How did they pan out?

So as we head into Mad Men Season 7, what will happen to the employees of Sterling Cooper and Partners and by extension, their families? Will the good and wicked get their just desserts? Or will the bad end badly and the good unluckily? Or some happy medium in between? Will Don Draper be redeemed, or will Mad Men Season 7 take an uncharacteristically dark turn and push its golden boy and favorite son out into the street?

I kind of hope Don suffers some sort of spiritual, if not physical, demise.

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Mad Men: The Quest for Milk and Honey

mad men season 7

Before watching “The Milk and Honey Route,” I listened to Matthew Weiner’s interview with the Nerdist. I tend to listen to podcasts as background noise, but there were a few moments that jumped out at me and colored how I saw the episode.

Weiner says something akin to the characters in Mad Men all want to sit on the Iron Throne, which in their world is the life promised to them in the magazines. Also, Weiner says one interpretation of why Betty left Don is that she wanted a blueblood, and Don’s story is of a man who has everything but can’t seem to hold it together.… Read more »

Mad Men S7E12: It’s a McCann’s World

mad men season 7

“Lost Horizon” gave me the big sads that even a gloriously hungover Peggy could not dissolve. She won’t be marching with erotic paintings when she meets the new overlords. SC&P didn’t die and go to advertising heaven, they went to hell. While Pete Campbell seems to be yucking it up and Harry is happy as a clam, the treatment of Joan was abysmal and Don Draper does not like shoved into a cookie cutter box with a dozen other creative directors. This looks like a job for a star-shape. Go get them, Don! Lou Avery and Shirley had the right idea to hightail it out of there when they could.… Read more »

Mad Men’s Time and Life and Death

Mad Men season 7 episode 11 “Time and Life” was another great plot driven episode. SC&P must scramble to prove the McCann that they deserve to exist as a separate entity. They discover they have been swallowed up when some at McCann sloppily gives notice on their lease at the Time Life building.

“They all have their own toy,” Peggy observes. “If we want enthusiasm, we should just have one toy.”

“Like a battle royale,” Stan deadpans back. “Just throw it in there and the last kid standing gets the gig.”

“It would work,” Peggy insists.

And it sorta does but with the workers of SC&P.… Read more »

The Forecast: Has Don Draper Lost His Mojo?

mad men season 7

Mad Men Season 7 Episode 10 The Forecast was fantastic. Just when I thought everyone was a jerkface in past episodes, there is a glimmer of hope. Yes, that hope is embodied in the weird sexual tension between Glen and Betty, but she showed an unfamiliar uncharacteristic warmth. Don Draper is briefly understanding enough to talk to Mathis (Trevor Einhorn), although it backfires terribly. And then there’s Joan’s new, sexy, older man Richard Burghoff (Bruce Greenwood). His return to the offices of SC&P after their row is probably the single bright moment in the show that we can carry into the next episode.… Read more »

Mad Men S7E09: The Ugliest Towel in the World

mad men season 7

Garish towels, pillow talk confessions, nooners, and hypocrisy. Mad Men’s New Business was as lurid and garish as the 70s print. The print in question is that pea green monstrosity around Jon Hamm’s waist as Don Draper/ Dick Whitman consoles Diana about her shitty life. I’ve made no secrets that I primarily watch Mad Men for its costuming, the drama is all too highbrow for me.

Sometimes Mad Men is variations of “sad, rich white people.” And when I say rich, I mean middle class and above. There’s sad Don Draper/Dick Whitman trying to sleep and drink his way through another train wreck marriage, there’s the sad Calvets in their fancy hotel room, last episode there was sad Joan who indulged in retail therapy.… Read more »

Mad Men Episode Severance: Is That All There Is?

mad men season 7

The clothes were hideous in the most recent Mad Men episode “Severance,” and Roger and Ted are now sporting pedo-mustaches. In a sea of untamed hair and tacky clothing, Don Draper alone is unchanged by time. He is still clean shaven and dressed in his somber clothing. Well, until he sees a pretty girl.

The episode “Severance” is divided into three main story lines: Don Draper is casting a model for a fur coat ad, and dreams of Rachel Katz (Maggie Siff). Coincidentally, Rachel has recently died of leukemia which throws Don Draper into a death spiral that he tries to deflect with a healthy amount of skirt chasing, napping, and boozing.… Read more »

Mad Men Mid-Season Finale: Watertight Waterloo

mad men season 7

In an act of life imitating art imitating life, my friends and I were huddled around the TV with baited breath watching if Draper will rise like a phoenix or free fall in flames as the characters of Mad Men were huddled around their TVs with baited breath to see if man would reach the stars. When I saw that Mad Men Mid-season finale episode “Waterloo” is set around the historic moon landing, I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. I knew that Apollo 11 makes it, and in that moment, I knew that Don Draper would make it too.

That is not to say that this episode doesn’t contain it’s share of its surprises from the previously unknown depths of Roger and Don’s loyalty to each other to Sally’s kiss to Bert Cooper’s death.… Read more »

Mad Men’s The Strategy: Old Maids, Smackdowns, and Burger Salvation

mad men season 7

So many scattered story lines and so little time. Peter Campbell’s jealousy over Trudy’s new love life destroys his relationship with Bonnie (Jessy Schram). Don Draper reassumes his mentor relationship to Peggy. Bob Benson (James Wolk) tries to marry Joan to appear straight and fails. Lots of men are scheming, but what was surprising is how well it deals with women, making A Hard Day’s Work and The Runaway look extremely inept and awkward.

Bonnie, Trudy, Peggy, and Joan are all women in their late twenties and thirties who have love and marriage on their minds. Because it’s TV, they’re all beautiful, and because it’s Mad Men, they are feisty and flawed.… Read more »

Mad Men’s The Runaway: Evil Homosexuals and Female Hysteria

mad men season 7

AMC’s Mad Men seemed to take a few pages from HBO’s Game of Thrones this week with sexy threesomes, fearsome irrational blondes, devious planning, etc. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the coherent resonance the last few episodes of GOT have been packing. The plots sprawl and flop over each other like a plate of overcooked spaghetti.

Don and Megan’s Ghosts

Don Draper’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of a pregnant Stephanie (Caity Lotz), the late Anna Draper’s niece, and Lou Avery and Jim Cutler’s attempts to oust him by acquiring a tobacco company.

Although Don and Megan seem to have made up, she has not yet overcome her phantoms of low self-confidence and is desperate for Don’s attention.… Read more »

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