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Louie: Marijuana and Manhood and the Awkward Sads

Louie FX Season 4

Fun fact of the Day: According to Grantland, Danny the Bully is played by Oscar Wahlberg, son of Robert Wahlberg, which makes him the nephew of Marky Mark.

After watching 90 minute “In the Woods” episode 11 & 12 of Louie, my friend commented that it lacks Louie’s trademark surrealism, but it is essentially an episode about deja vue. Louie’s sullen adolescence rears its ugly head in the form of his daughter Lilly (Hadley Delaney). In a typical Louie style, in the time it takes his daughter to engulf two cheeseburgers and take a nap, he has scrutinized and relived the guilt of an entire year of his life.… Read more »

Louie: Todd Barry and Consent

Louie FX Season 4

It’s been over a week since I’ve watched Louie episode Elevator Part 5 (season 4 episode 8), and all I can think about is how squicky the sex scene made me feel on a number of levels. Slant Magazine writes:

So when Amia comes the night before she’s set to leave to say goodbye, Louie responds to her cheek-kiss with one of his own before the two escalate into something never before seen on the show: an unambiguously sweet, mutually supportive, and unself-conscious act of lovemaking.

But I found it extremely ambiguous when a woman saying goodbye while being pulled into a bedroom.… Read more »

Louie and His Women

Louie FX Season 4

Elevator Part 4 has a notable lack of male characters; it’s solely dedicated to his interactions with the fairer sex from his new lady love, Amia, his daughters, Lily and Jane, his ex-wife, Janet, and to his wonky psychologist/ counselor.

While, Amia is still present, it’s his ex-wife and the ongoing problems with Jane that are at the forefront. I liked the idyllic domestic scene of homey contentment between Jane, Lily, Amia, and Louie, and it’s sharp contrast later in the counselor’s office. Though Jane’s troubles are implied rather than shown; she seems well-mannered and calm at home.

Louie and his ex-wife Janet have a brief moment of camaraderie against the ridiculously expensive counselor before it devolves into squabbling and nitpicking again.… Read more »

Louie: The Elevator Part 3 is a Dud

Louie FX Season 4

I usually write my reviews within twenty-four hours of watching a show, and it’s been almost a week since I saw Elevator Part 3. It has not held up to the test of time; I remember laughing and cringing, but overall it wasn’t especially memorable. Honestly, I have nothing to say about this episode. It wasn’t terrible, it does show Louie at his most bumbling, awkward, and inane.

Louie gets accosted in the grocery store by his old flame Pamela, but he’s now head over heels in love with Amia after knowing her for a day. He proposes, demonstrates extraordinarily terrible listening skills, he smashes a piano.… Read more »

Louie Gets Schooled in Elevator Part 2

Louie FX Season 4

Elevator Part 2 opens with a lovely scene of Louie at a grocery store. Like many of the places he visits, it is probably famous. No, he’s not doing a home style version of a Bang Bang, but creating an over the top gift basket to woo a new lady love. His daughter Jane’s suspension interrupts Louie’s careful wooing of his Hungarian neighbor’s niece via his elderly Hungarian neighbor, Evanka.

Jane rattles off a litany of reasons of why she hates school, and poor Louie can’t think of a single thing to contradict her. But then she reveals that she pulled down a teacher’s skirt on the playground and made her cry.… Read more »

Louie the IV: Good Parent, Okay Neighbor

Louie FX Season 4

How many times have we seen a parent berate a child, and shook our heads in judgment? Louie CK had a hilarious bit about it a few years ago and he puts the blame solely on this child. In this episode, he becomes that scary, angry parent and a woman actually calls him out on it. He ignores her.

The Elevator Part 1 opens up with his Louie’s younger daughter having a nightmare who then gives her father and sister a living nightmare. Thinking that she is still dreaming, she steps off the subway right before the elevator closes. This takes place seemingly minutes after a long lecture on subway rules.… Read more »

Louie is The Bad Guy in “So Did The Fat Lady”

Louie FX Season 4

If you’re reading this you’ve probably discovered the infamous monologue Vanessa (Sarah Baker) delivers at the end of the episode. She doesn’t cry or scream, but her words fly like bursts of ninja stars with lulls for Louie and the audience to squirm. In the background, skinny people exercise. This makes it just about the perfect place for a fat woman to grill a fat man for being an asshole. Louie CK has always been good to at focusing and drawing out on excruciating moments of awkwardness, but this is perhaps the first time he is singled out as the bad guy.… Read more »

Louie’s “Model” Models How to Lose Heroically

Louie FX Season 4

I heard quite a few spoilers before I sat down to watch this episode, including creepy parallels with Woody Allen, so I was expecting to be filled with female outrage when Louie jetted off with a pretty young thing (Yvonne Strahovski). But I wasn’t.

I really enjoyed how “Model” captures Louie’s optimism in the face of complete and absolute disaster. Despite several soul crushing events over three seasons, Louie is not risk-averse. This episode chronicles a series of unfortunate events complicated by the sheer unpredictability of people. Louie emerges significantly poorer with a broken nose, but with his optimism intact; he actually thinks he has a chance with the waitress.… Read more »

Louie Season 4 is “Back”

Louie FX Season 4

I watch Louie like I watch horror movies. At the conclusion of each episode I breathe a heady breath of relief, thank goodness the intersections between my life and Louie CK’s fictionalized account are few and far between. It is cathartic, even though I watch each thirty minute segment in a ball of nerves and anxieties.

The season four debut episode “Back” was especially squick-y with too many masturbation jokes, mean kids and mean friends, and an excruciating look at the aging process. Something as innocuous as pointing can throw out your back…it makes me want to roll out the yoga mat and start doing sun salutations.… Read more »