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New Podcast: Midnight Breakfast Cafe

Hi All,
I’ve started a podcast with some friends. If you’ve missed my commentary on books, movies, and TV, you’ll love to Midnight Breakfast Cafe. It’s three friends in different timezones chatting about our favorite pop culture things.




Oh, and we’ve started a segment on Game of Thrones called “Brunch of Thrones.” 

It’s available on
Google Play
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Friday Review


Yesterday, I went to an orientation at a pet shelter. I was going to become a volunteer and walk dogs! And maybe play with cats! And if I was feeling especially goodie two shoes, volunteer to do paperwork and work events.

It started off swimmingly. I got to hold a dog, and he loved me! Somewhere around the forty-five minute mark, I began to feel odd. A tightness in the chest. My ears tickled, my eyes itched. Was I nervous? Did I forget to change my contacts again? Was the pesky tinnitus back? When I felt my throat began to swell, I knew it was an allergic reaction and I got out of there pronto!… Read more »

Friday Review (10/30/15)


It has been one of those chicken with no head weeks where you feel like you’re being pulled in five directions with a million things to do with the attention span of a gnat. It is one of those weeks which are filled with stupid mistakes, half-finished tasks, and a very uncooperative brain.

It is one of those weeks that if you just set a timer for twenty minutes, write out a plan of action, you’d feel less stressed. But look! the dish rack is full, the apartment is a mess, the plants have to be watered, when was the last time I exercised?… Read more »

Friday Review (10/23/15)


It’s the last full week of October, and one of those frequent times of transition. After daylight savings (the end of daylight savings) next week, it will be dark before and after work, which probably means that my workout routine will need adjusting. AKA I will fall off the bandwagon for a few weeks. The impression I got with lifestyle changes is that you make the change and it sticks, but for me, it is an ongoing uphill battle, whether that be exercise, diet, cleanliness. I’ve no idea how my parents managed to hold down jobs, maintain general order and cleanliness, and deal with monsters children.… Read more »

Friday Favorites (10/9)


It’s Friday and it’s been a whirlwind week of cooking very little and expanding my ignorance awareness of personal finance. And it seems that once you express interest in personal finance, people start giving you completely unhelpful advice. The best one — I kid you not — was a man who suggested I buy a house four years ago. “The prices were much better then.” I guess I’ll ask to borrow his time machine?

My friend did finally receive the care package I sent her three weeks ago. I especially like the colorful mustaches from Target. I also like Maybelline’s the Rocket mascara in waterproof, because it will hold up during sappy movies and rain.… Read more »

Friday Favorites (10/2)


Once upon a time I had to write a terms and conditions for a company, so I had to read a bunch of terms and conditions from similar companies. No one ever reads the terms and conditions. Never. Ever. Ever. Case in point, I found typos in a few prominent companies’ copy.

But what I found fascinating are all the things that companies are not liable for. For instance, company A guarantees that you’ll get your purchase with x number of days, precluding natural disasters, war, acts of terror, and the bestest umbrella term ever “acts of god.” It tickles me to this day, and sometimes when I make a promise, I want to throw in the phrase, “barring acts of god.”

 In the past week, I’ve also watched Quantico (eh), The Brothers Grimm (which is astonishingly atonal and completely wastes Lena Headey as a damsel in distress and fellow Game of Thrones alum Jonathan Pryce as a French toad).… Read more »

Friday Favorites (9/25)


I’ve been reading a bit this week, including Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You to be Rich and The Smartest Money Book You’ll Ever Read. I didn’t like Sethi’s book very much, but it stands up pretty well in comparison to other finance books. I started reading the Atul Gawande’s The Checklist Manifesto, but it was so gory (the writer is a surgeon) that I had to stop. I’m currently on The Social Animal by David Brooks, and I’m not quite sure how much I like it. My first impression is a lot of contemptuous eye rolling. Author David Brooks endeavors to explain the story of the success through several composite people.… Read more »

Friday Favorites: 9/18


One of the results of sitting down for these Friday posts is the realization that I have a very limited memory of the happenings of the past several days. It’s all a wash, and I’m forced to go through my Youtube and podcast history to piece it together. My daily checklist system has fallen by the wayside, so there’s one thing to improve going forward. 

Personal Finance
I’m still obsessed with personal finance to the point that I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. I’ve checked out a number of books from the library like The Millionaire Next Door so stay tuned for more book reviews.… Read more »

Friday Favorites


It’s September 11th again, and the date gives me pause. There are so many emotions, but one of my favorite stories is how Deb from Smitten Kitchen met her husband.

I’d recently started a blog (it was 2003! it was the thing to do!) and had started reading one from some guy who lived here, too. On the second anniversary of 9/11, he said that he’d invited some friends to get a drink and they’d reacted as if that were a tacky way to commemorate a nation’s tragedy. I was then and am still firmly of the belief that a stiff drink is a fine way to soften the blow of a crappy memory, and told him that a complete stranger would be happy to meet him for a drink after work.

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Friday Favorites (9/4/15)


I mentioned Peter Lynch in my Friday Favorites a few months ago, as I am belatedly stepping onto the minefield of personal finance. I mention this because then I read an article somewhere saying that he is wrong and out of date, and so is Warren Buffett. And I’m like, @*#4@!

It’s as if there is a conspiracy out there where finance experts contradict each other just to keep readers in a panic. Throw in China stock market woes, and it’s enough to make you want to wash your hands of the whole thing. Except if you’re like me, you’ll worry that in fifty years you’ll be subsisting off cat food…because bad life decisions.… Read more »

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