New Podcast: Midnight Breakfast Cafe

Hi All,
I’ve started a podcast with some friends. If you’ve missed my commentary on books, movies, and TV, you’ll love to Midnight Breakfast Cafe. It’s three friends in different timezones chatting about our favorite pop culture things.




Oh, and we’ve started a segment on Game of Thrones called “Brunch of Thrones.” 

It’s available on
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A Serial Look at Sad-Town


S-Town, the new This American Life and Serial mini series, unfurls like a true crime investigation but soon morphs into a long and complex story about a man and his community. This American Life reporter Brian Reed is called down to Woodstock, Alabama, by an eccentric antique clock restorer, John B. McLemore to investigate a murder and police coverup. But the murder investigation deflates like a souffle and we’re stuck listening to John B rant and rave about climate change and the end of the world. Imagine an unkempt red-headed man who loves flowers and clocks, but is way too into conspiracies (tin hat and other).… Read more »

Loss and Rogue One (Spoilers)


Primed by Imaginary World’s episode “Workin’ on the Death Star” which deals in part on the ethics of destroying the Death Star, watching Rogue One was not a pleasant experience. Though admittedly, I went in expecting a depressing movie. For the original trilogy to be meaningful, the characters in Rogue One have to lose and lose badly so I knew from the onset that most of the characters would die sad and premature deaths.

What I didn’t expect was my knee-jerk revulsion to the amount of death in Rogue One, and how it’s glossed over. I don’t think film or art necessarily has a moral obligation.… Read more »

I Went to a Protest Once

As disappointed in the election results as I was, I was pissed when I first heard about the several anti-Trump protests across the country. I thought it was childish, petty, and further eroded the faith in the election process. After Trump and his supporters spent weeks talking about rigged elections, were these protesters any better caretakers of our democratic process?

The only thing I retained from eighth grade history class was the teacher’s raising his voice to emphasize how important and integral the peaceful transfer of power after the elections. Perhaps his face even turned red. Other countries descended into chaos and civil war after elections, but not America.… Read more »

More on Dragons

I’m so tired of talking about politics, but I can’t stop. I’ve been seeing a lot of lashing out on the interwebs about people who voted for the wrong candidate (e.g. white people, women, minorities), at the Democratic party, at Hillary Clinton. Vanity Fair even had the gumption to draw a line between Jon Stewart’s absence to the election. The media lied to us. The pollsters were incompetent.

And I’d like to point out that, “bitches be crazy” has never been a great conflict-resolution tactic. Neither is “people are idiots.” Which is not to say that showing empathy and open heartedness is a great idea either.… Read more »

So… About Trump

Today is a sad day for half the Americans who voted, and it is a great day for the other half. And for everyone who could have voted and didn’t, you can just shut up and sit back.

I am in the sad group.

I had certain hopes and dreams about my country, and the Present elect and his voters don’t hold those same values dear.

I have spent the majority of my adult life in other countries, and hands down, America is the best. Not the best in a jingoistic sense — we could definitely take some pointers from public transportation in Asia — but best in all the ways that home is best.… Read more »


I wrote this post on July 17 on my phone while taking a very long walk, and then I sat on it for almost two months hoping I’d change my mind. 

I am going away for a while. I just don’t enjoy writing reviews like I used to. I’ve known this for a while when writing those of Game of Thrones reviews. Even when I was blown away by the finale I didn’t have much to say…so I didn’t.

I watched Finding Dory, and found it deeply troubling to have such a poignant portrayal of a child with a disability (short term memory loss) and then make a seal with a unibrow a butt of a joke.… Read more »

Game of Thrones: Blood of My Blood and No One

game of thrones season 6

Two weeks late on the account of a wedding, this Game of Thrones review is a double feature: Blood of My Blood and No One. For Blood of My Blood, there was also an unheard of death count of zero, which was followed by a massacre in No One. But many happy returns to our favorite fathers: Randall Tarly and Walder Frey (who is technically a grandfather/ great grandfather?)

The Body Count for No One:

  • a lot of pacifists (slaughtered)

Way Up North
We pick up where we left off with Meera having gained an improbable lead over the white walkers.… Read more »

Game of Thrones S6E5: A Door by Any Other Name

game of thrones season 6

And now things are truly sizzling with episode five, The Door! We’re only midway through the season, and this episode was so action packed with standout performances by Sophie Turner and Pilou Asbaek. Also, the first gratuitous nudity in a while: STD riddled penis and a pair of boobs. Though sometimes I think Game of Thrones can be used as sex aversion therapy, because so many much sad, sad boobs.

Death count: 10-20?*
Hodor (torn to pieces by White Walkers)
Leaf & friends (torn to pieces by White Walkers and/or blown up)
Summer (torn to pieces by White Walkers)
The Three Eyed Raven (stabbed by the Night King)
* white walkers do not count

Unfortunately, there were no fathers present this week so the Shitty Dad Award is not awarded.… Read more »

Captain America: War on Friendship


First a word about spoilers. My TV reviews are full recaps, but movie reviews are limited to only things covered in the trailers and/ or movie posters. If you haven’t seen the Captain America: Civil War trailer and are afraid of spoilers, please don’t read this review.

Yesterday, I watched Captain America: Civil War and found that I don’t have much an opinion about it. It was good, it wasn’t great, and I’m on the fence on whether the fight scenes really warrant a special trip to the theater.

Ever since Tony Zhou made his video on Jackie Chan, I haven’t been able to watch fight scenes the same way.… Read more »

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